An AI Driven Approach To Analyzing Human Emotions, Personalities And More With Aecho TM

Revolutionize The Way You Understand Human Emotions, Personalities And Pyschometrics With Our Voice AI

  • Simplify And Enchance The Hiring Process
  • Monitor And Track Employee Insights, Emotions And More With Custom Reports And Analytics
  • Integrate Employees With Company Cultures And Goals
  • Help Employees Align Their Personalities With The Right Oppurtunities

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Aecho Offers A Suite Of Products Tailored To Providing Detailed Insights Of People - From Individuals To Groups And Organizations

We Analyze Over 164 Traits Profiling Live Voice Clues, Emotions, And Content In A Multilayered Process Where It’s Nearly Impossible To Hide Or Fake The Details And Provide Reliable And Actionable Insights That Enable The Right Decisions

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For Individuals

Get A Detailed Report Of Your Personality, Emotions, And Communication Style - From Strengths To Weaknesses, Covering Actionable Insights About Yourself Backed By Our Voice AI

Aecho Reveal | Personal

Aecho API | Personal

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For Businesses

Empower Your Company With Fully Powered Reports For Employees - From Hiring Throughout Their Time At The Company And Beyond, Covering Company Fit, Emotion Tracking And More

Aecho X | Enterprise

Aecho API | Enterprise

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For Education

For Educational Institutions - Monitor Students Through Performance, Retention, Career Alignment, Mental Health & More Throughout Their Lifecycle At The Institution And Beyond With Aecho For Education

Aecho X | Education

Aecho API | Education

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For Research

From Research To Clinical Trials - Get Detailed Insights On Individuals And Groups Of People Covering Anything From Mental Health To Personality Testing, Diseases, Mental Health, And More Using Our Research Suite

Aecho X | Research

Aecho API | Research

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Designed For Everything From Personal Use To Enterprise Grade Solutions

Explore Our Offerings That Is The Perfect Fit For Your Use Case.

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Powerful, Complete Human Analytics At Your Fingertips With Aecho

$0.5 / Report
  • For personal use
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Recharge credits at a cheap rate
  • Discounts on bulk credit purchases


Access The Aecho API To Supercharge Human Insights From A Granular Level

$500+ /month
  • Multiple options for all use cases
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Premium support from Aecho
  • Multiuser deployments

X [Enterprise] ™

Our Most Complete Configuration, With API, Analytics And Our Dashboard

$80+ /month
  • Perfect for businesses
  • Get full access to everything
  • Team size: Depends on tier
  • Premium support from Aecho

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